How to Choose the Right CIPD Course?

CIPD is the leading and superior professional body for HR. It has over 150K members globally. As well the CIPD course is the absolute keystone to an effective career in HR and L & D. So you will obtain the related experience, you require, increasing your reliability and knowledge.

But which CIPD course do I require?

Answering this question can be tricky and tough. Since there is a wide range of online training providers and a lot of info available on the internet. So it is simple to take the course wrong. Hence in this article, we are going to tell you how to select the right CIPD course.

CIPD courses

CIPD level 3:

Whereas there is no preset road it is suggested that people at a certain level of their career can go for a certain level. Since CIPD course level 3 is aim for people who have no experience in the field of HR. In other words, they all are fresher. So if you want to start a career in HR then you should go for level 3. It is an entry-level course and roughly equal to the A level.

CIPD level 5:

CIPD level 5 associate diploma is the middle qualification. And it is roughly equal to the undergraduate degree. But then this does not imply you have begun this course. With CIPD level 5 you will be going deeper into the HR and L & D course.  Also if you have fewer years of experience in HR then you start this course. Moreover, this course is a good fit for people who have experience in business management or business owners who are searching to obtain some HR knowledge.

CIPD level 7:

The CIPD level advanced diploma is the most advanced and complex CIPD level and it is roughly equal to the master’s degree. This is a very highly regarded CIPD course. As well this course is only for HR managers, HR directors, and executives.  Hence this course is only fit for those who have a huge amount of expertise in HR.

CIPD level 3 Foundation Certificate

What will I study on the Level 3 course?

The CIPD level 3 course is an entry-level course. That implies this course is aimed at people from the very beginning of their career. So it is as well suited for people who want to begin their career for the first time. And they do not have any past knowledge about HR.

Below are the few crucial CIPD course level 3 modules you need to study:

  1. Business, culture, change in context
  2. Essentials of people practice
  3. Principles of Analytics
  4. Core behavior for people’s professional

These modules will offer you the key principles of human resources, L & D, and people management. Hence this course provides you with a brilliant basis for all these courses as well you can easily create your long-term career.

How many exams are in CIPD course level 3?

You will finish written online assessments and CIPD Assignments that you study in this course. That means there are a total of 4 assessments in this CIPD course level 3.

How long does it take to finish the CIPD level 3?

In general, speaking the normal duration of finishing this course is around 6 to 9 months. But then you need to remember there are 3 different modes of study that you can study in CIPD courses. It all depends on the course. So if you choose the online mode you can study any place, anywhere, anytime you want.

What is the cost of CIPD course level 3?

The cost of finishing the CIPD course level 3 is around 1785. However, you can finish this course online in less amount.

CIPD level 5 Associate Diploma in People Practice

What will I study on Level 5?

The aim of the CIPD course level 5 associate diploma is on HR. Since it is a professional intermediate level course this course is well fit for people with some years of expertise in HR. Hence they are searching to move to the top position of their firm. There are a total of 6 modules in level 5. 6 core modules are crucial and there is 1 optional module you can choose.

Core modules

  1. Talent management and workforce planning
  2. Reward for performance and contribution
  3. Employee performance management
  4. Evidence-based practice

How many exams are in there in CIPD course level 5?

You will need to write one online assignment that you have to study. In general, there are a total of 7 CIPD assessments in level 5.

How long does it take time to finish the CIPD level 5?

The normal time duration to finish this course is to take around 12 to 15 months. But it depends upon the students this duration can be shorter or longer, depending on how students devote their time to study.

What is the cost of the CIPD level 5?

The cost of finishing a level 5 Associate Diploma is 2999 pounds.

CIPD level 7 Advanced Diploma

What will I study in CIPD course level 7?

The CIPD level 7 is the highest CIPD course that you study in HR. So it is only aimed at people with tons of years of expertise in HR. And now they are searching to boost their strategic skills and knowledge.

Below are some key modules you study in this course.

  1. Work and working lives in a changing business setting
  2. Strategic employee relations
  3. Business research in people practice
  4. Strategic reward management

How many exams are there in CIPD course level 7?

You will need to complete 1 written assessment of every module you study. So this implies once you are studying for the CIPD level 7 you have to finish 8 written assessments. But then you can also approach the top CIPD Assignment Helpers and they will guide you about CIPD level 7.

How long does it take to finish the CIPD course level 7?

Since this course is the most advanced CIPD course out there, the normal time duration to finish this course is 18 to 24 months time period.

What is the cost of finishing CIPD level 7?

The CIPD Level 7 is well very costly, so it will take you almost 7000 pounds to finish the course.

How to select the right CIPD course?

It is about finding the right level and CIPD course for you. Thus you must think critically about what you want and find plenty of options. So it cannot be stressed enough how hard you think before choosing the right course. And as well you need to think about what do you want from pursuing the qualification. The clearer you are; the more chances are you will find the right course for the right reasons.

Hence you must do your research, and then take time to think and analyze your dedication level and what is your budget for this course. Also how much time need to finish this course? Consider how well you will fit into daily work life. In the end, do not forget to talk to the people. You can also talk to your seniors and colleagues about what is the best CIPD course you can study.