The importance of HR at Christmas


As, the Christmas season is right above our heads, planning of organizing parties, events, celebrations, or giving employees a memorable day to remember are the responsibilities of the HR. 

Where everyone other than HR plans for their vacation, and how they would like to enter the new year. HR has to make sure that the employees return to the company will positive vibes and energy. No, the company wants their employees to note down their New Year resolutions to leave the company. 

HR has the busiest schedule these days, as, they have the responsibilities to ensure a perfect end of the year. And helps employees to maintain a positive energy for the next year. 

Christmas is the best opportunity to thank the working staff of the company who work all year for the company. HR has to keep in mind the appraisals to make sure that the employees return happily after the Christmas vacation,

So, let’s take a deep look into the significance of HR at Christmas.

1) Effective Communication for the next year:

This could be the perfect time of the year to discuss all the achievements, new advancements, positives, and future goals to give a clear vision to the employees about the direction of the company. And how beneficial it would be for the employees to be in the company. 

It could be an email from the manager, or HR, or a meeting where the top performers get appreciated. So, this would surely work as a booster for the employees attached to the company. 

2) Workers should get appreciated:

Appreciation is a great form of letting the employees feel their worth and value at the company. Because a small appreciation letter to a big raise, rewards, and appreciation play a vital role in the development and growth of a company. And helps maintain the company’s reputation in the industry. 

Managers and team leads should encourage their teams to work hard and put in all their efforts. This encouragement could be in the form of a gift, a card, or in the form of employee-of-the-month. Managing all of this is the responsibility of HR. And this is what makes HR so important for the growth of the company.

3) Organizing a party for Christmas:

Allowing employees to have lunch with their teams enjoy food and feel relaxed. Because organizing a Christmas party and distributing gifts, or appreciation letters would help employees feel their real value in the company. 

Organize a Christmas party with some rules, because without rules and regulations, the positive effect of the party could become a worst nightmare. So, that is why it is important to make sure that all of the employees are safe and enjoy the party instead of being sick the next morning (You know what I mean right?). 

4) Flexibility during Christmas:

Christmas time comes up with several other challenges. And one of them is maintaining the workforce during the Christmas time. Because if the company didn’t offer Christmas vacations. So, giving employees the possibility to be flexible by offering them work from home, alternative days off, or making sure that the employees who aren’t Christian can save these holidays and take those in their religious events. Or if you are a student in the HR field. So, make sure to take CIPD Assignment Help UK to get more help in learning new and better strategies. Experience will help the organization maintain the workforce and the flow of the work. This is where the responsibility of HR comes in to ensure everything flows smoothly and consistently on Christmas. 

5) Mental Support:

Although Christmas is an event where everyone tends to be happy and involved in company activities. Because not everyone has a stable life. And needs mental support. So, that is where HR should give them proper support. And this support could be in any form or any shape. The HR can post in support of the employee. Or can help them with a one-on-one conversation. But the HR should make sure that they didn’t hurt the feelings of the post. So, for that HR can craft a post without mentioning a specific person to help. Instead, make it a general post in which you should respect the decisions and show full support in the best way possible. 

6) Engage Everyone to increase their interest:

 Not every employee has been feeling enthusiastic and excited to attend or organize the Christmas party. And it might create a bit of demotivation for others as well to not attend or participate in any activity of the event. And as an HR you shouldn’t let anyone be demotivated as it will affect the performance of the employee in the upcoming year. That is what you don’t want in the company.

So, the best solution of it is that as an HR you should engage everyone with some small but interesting tasks. Which makes them feel their interactivity but does not burden them with hectic tasks. Because this might help in increasing a bit of frustration amongst the employees. So, make sure that you don’t give them a task that consumes a lot of time and effort. 


HR plays a vital role at the time of Christmas. Because they have plenty of responsibilities to complete. Whether they are organizing a party. Or managing a meeting where the employees get appreciated for their performance the whole month. From maintaining workflow during the Christmas vacation season to encouraging employees for the next year and increasing their motivation for the new year.  However, not everyone has a stable life and that is where HR should have to respect their decision. And some might have to take leave. So, HR has to maintain motivation by interacting with it. However, HR should also manage the leave structure. Because many employees usually want to take leaves at the end of the year. So, the HR should ensure that it didn’t damage the workflow.